Girls Campus

Vikas is having exclusive Mahila Campus at Visakhapatnam in effortlessly commutable location ideal for academic pursuits in healthy and congenial atmosphere. This eloquent and referred environment pleasingly enchants you with an infrastructure of high standards. A rare and unique combination of accomplished hostel and teaching facilities exclusively for girls proves, yet, to be another winning location for Vikas. Principals will look after the career and welfare of the students at all these campuses. The hostel environment is well-secured, homely, freedom to express one self and friendly staff is the hallmarks of VIKAS Mahila College. We have expert members of faculty known for their teaching skills and guiding abilities. Ample academic resources like well designed curriculum, course material of high standards, library with books by renowned authors and spacious classrooms groom our students to perfection.

We have 12 bedded infirmary at Mahila Campus. There is a visiting doctor for Mahila campus. In case of urgent cases, sick students are referred to the specialist doctor and a trained nurse takes care of the sick students round the clock.

We have section co-ordinator system. In this system the coordinator will take care about the total section students' performance. If the student is not performing well the coordinator will ask the specific faculty to clarify her doubts. Then after observing her for few weeks, if still the student is not performing well, the coordinator will request the principal to counsel her. In this process every one involves and motivates the student to perform well. In case of poor performing students we have a Student Adoption Programme (SAP). In this system we will adopt ten slow learning students to an experienced faculty member. She will take care of the performance of the adopted students. Wardens will look after the girl's etiquette and health. R.O mineral water plant is constructed in the campus.

The academic routine of the hostel students is in 3 broad divisions. Teaching, guided study and self-study. Faculty is available during guided study schedule to clarify the doubts of the students and motivate them academically. Self-study is supervised by the coordinators or by wardens. Students' academic performance is informed to the parents every week through SMS.

Green Card System, it is part of security system in Mahila campus. At the time of admission the parents and two guardians' details, signatures and photographs are taken on Green Card and only those persons authorized on Green Card are allowed to meet the student for next two years.